Lost in the Lion City

We strolled aimlessly around the city of Singapore one night and simply immersed ourselves in it all – the peace and serenity of the evening sky, the blur of twinkling city lights, the soothing sound of the busy yet calm streets with a hint of crickets in the distance, the cool humid breeze that rush past us.

Merlion ParkEsplanade Mall + Esplanade Bridge

It’s nights like these that I enjoy the most, when you feel like the hectic world hushes down and gives you a moment to yourself. When all the stress, worries, doubts, heartbreaks, and fears slowly peel off of you, as if the entire universe is giving you a day off to stop and marvel at the beauty of where you are despite any hardships, to appreciate all that is and that isn’t, to enjoy the “now” with the people you love the most.The Fullerton HotelOne Raffles PlaceOne Raffles Place

Everything else in the background fades away when what truly matters hits you: the people who love and cherish you unconditionally, the beautiful life that you live, the numerous blessings you receive.

What resurfaced as we were engrossed in the beautiful evening sights of the Lion City was the gratefulness I had from within. There is so much amazing and wonderful things in the present to choose to dwell on the past instead and forget to rejoice in all that is good – the journey, the blessings, the opportunities.EsplanadeEsplanadeGolden Wishing LeavesEsplanadeJubilee Bridge

When you feel your problems are weighing you down, take a moment like this to regain yourself. Look around and notice how far you’ve come to get to this point in your life. Inhale all the good, exhale all the bad. Discard any toxic mindset and focus on all the things you shouldn’t waste, and just be happy. Trust me, you’d be so exhilarated and revived to simply feel alive at moments like these. Alive, not just breathing.

If Singapore and its sights already had you mesmerized, wait till you see it at night when the whole city lights up like a sea of stars! It sure is a refreshing and captivating scenery that will definitely catch your mind, soul, and heart.

One Raffles PlaceMerlion Park + Marina Bay

See what I mean? ❤


Live, Laugh, Travel,



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