1st Month Blogging Experience + Heads Up on Blog Content 

Over a month ago, The Style Travelogue made its debut with my first ever blog post welcoming the new year and all the possibilities ahead for me, for my family, and for my newly-published personal blog. With high hopes of being able to express myself openly in terms of my sense of style, passions, musings, and especially my thrilling travel adventures, I jumped headfirst into the unknown – into the blogging environment up for all else to see and read. One month and seven blog posts later, it’s safe to say that my blogging experience has already been a journey of more ups than downs for me!

Being shy and insecure growing up, I always found myself face-to-face with the struggle of loving myself completely inside and out, thus pulling me in and out of situations and decisions I wished I handled differently. Still, I have always believed that everything happens for a reason, and after all I’ve been through – the wrong decisions, the heart breaks, the stress and pressure– I could definitely say now that maybe that “reason” was for me to overcome all that hindered myself to reach my full potential in life, to become a stronger and better version of myself that I’d grow to love, respect, and appreciate above anything and anyone, may that reason ever leave scars that remain a lesson in my heart.

Starting a personal blog was a huge step out of my comfort zone and is definitely a step I wouldn’t regret taking. Not only has it helped me begin expressing myself more freely and embracing my passions to a whole new level, but also gave me a platform wherein I had the privilege of sharing with the world the simple blessings that overwhelm me in my everyday life, may it inspire others to feel as grateful to theirs as well. But above all, to appreciate the life I live and to love every single bit of it and all the good it has to offer. The best part is, I’m starting to enjoy writing than I usually do (and than I ever did lol)

This is just the beginning for The Style Travelogue! 2017 has so much plans and new experiences just waiting to be revealed. I’ll keep you guys posted! Can’t wait to take you with me ❤

The aforementioned is also the reason why most of my blog posts in the next few months will be more of “throwback” travelogues from 2 years ago to our most recent travel. (Side note: most of them may NOT YET be centered or related to any style preference of mine, taking away the essence of the “style” in “The Style Travelogue” for a few months, but few months ONLY!)

Also, I hope you bare with me if the photography on my blog is still at an amateur level and may not be on-point all the time. I could assure you though that there’s always room for improvements! I’ve already been considering several cameras to use as an upgrade to my usual one, so if any of you have suggestions on the best, comment them down below! I’d really appreciate them ❤

1st Month Blogging Experience + Heads Up on Blog Content

Thank you for all the love! ❤ Till my next post,


Live, Laugh, Travel,


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