The Universal Studios Experience

A trip to Singapore is never complete without visiting one of the most exciting places to be, home of family fun and adventure: Universal Studios Singapore! Tagline: “The place where your inner-childhood feels would brim up from the depths of your soul and take over your entire being for more than you can take.” (lol kidding!)Universal Studios SingaporeUniversal Studios Singapore

Located in Resorts World on Sentosa Island, USS is a movie-themed entertainment park guaranteed to take you through a whirlpool of emotion and bliss. Everywhere you turn, there’s definitely something to see and explore (and ride… and eat!), with attractions inspired from Shrek, Madagascar, Transformers, Jurassic Park, Sesame Street, and many more – let’s not forget my personal fave, Despicable Me!!

Universal Studios Singapore


USS HollywoodUSS HollywoodUSS Hollywood

USS Hollywood

Universal Studios Singapore

Far Far Away

The background music at this part of the park gave me goosebumps and nostalgia okay, it was too good!!

USS Far Far AwayUSS Far Far AwayUSS Far Far AwayUSS Far Far Away943B939E-1BC0-4D02-893B-B790E4AE2F46USS Far Far AwayUSS Far Far Away


I was actually kind of busy Snapchat-ing this area that’s why this was all I got. Sorry! 😦

USS Madagascar

The Lost World

USS The Lost WorldUSS The Lost World

USS The Lost WorldUSS The Lost City

Ancient Egypt

USS Ancient EgyptUSS Ancient Egypt

Sci-Fi City

USS Sci-Fi CityUSS Sci-Fi City

New York

USS New YorkUSS New YorkUSS New YorkWe definitely had a blast, many many thanks to our Skip-the-Queue Express pass which allowed us to go to several rides without any hassle of waiting in line. Cool right? This meant that there were no stopping us now: to every ride we shall go!!!

My happy pill, my fam ❤

So convenient that they had Starbucks in USS, too! Just when we needed the recharge, lol.

USS HollywoodUSS HollywoodUSS Hollywood

It was a day packed with so much thrill. We spent the entire day roaming around Sentosa Island and Resorts World (blogged: that by the end of the day, we were exhausted, but the happy kind. ❤


Side note: I cover our travels a lot on my Snapchat and Ig stories. Follow me on both (Instagram: | Snapchat: andijdc) for more!


Live, Laugh, Travel,



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