Stunning Sights at Great Heights – Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi

Whenever we get the chance to travel, my family and I make it a must to never limit ourselves to the adventures that have yet to unfold. Every city we encounter always brings something new to the table – a new place to visit, a new sight to ogle at, a new dish to relish, a new lesson to learn, a new journey to begin, a new memory to cherish – and we never opt to miss out on a single bit. Our vacations are either thought-out to the full extent, or not at all.

Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300It was another set of “new”s back in the Summer of 2015, when we visited the beautiful and busy capital of UAE, Abu Dhabi. As you may have already noticed by now from my numerous dining-with-a-view blog entries (58 Tour Eiffel Paris, CÉ LA VI Singapore, At.mosphere Dubai, etc.), my family has been the type to be really fond of dining at distinguished restaurants and cafés where both an amazing scenery and mouthwatering cuisine await. That was why we just couldn’t conclude our summer in AD without checking out the promising “Stunning Sites at Great Heights” Observation Deck at 300 at the grand Etihad Towers!

Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300

Sitting on the 74th floor of Tower 2 of the Etihad Towers complex, Observation Deck at 300 not only feeds your thirst for breathtaking sceneries with a 360-panoramic view of the said city, but also feeds your stomach (hehe) with the most delightful and exquisite bites and caffeine concoctions as well! A real knockout, huh?

Observation Deck at 300

We made a reservation beforehand at their lounge at noon, just before the sun began to disappear into the horizon. The atmosphere was straight-up majestic, as mellifluous symphonies and Afternoon Tea accompany your viewing of the spectacular Abu Dhabi cityscape. From above, you could spot the Emirates Palace 8-star Hotel, the Residential Palace, the Grand Mosque, the surrounding islands, and many more. With great company (my fam, of course!), it was the perfect recipe for a grand time and a memorable summer.

Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300Observation Deck at 300

It’s in learning new things and seeing everything in a different light and angle where we come to appreciate life and all its blessings. In return, we learn something even more about ourselves than we did the day before, and we BECOME better persons than we were the day before. Immerse yourself in positivity and grab every opportunity you could get to see more of the world with your own two eyes no matter where life takes you! Life is, indeed, too short to cut yourself short of the fun, right? ❤

Observation Deck at 300


Wander often, wander always,



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